Juan R Labrada

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Limited mindsets

Mindsets are a set of believes that you acquire during your life that shortcut your decision making. They are based on stories, cultural approach to problems and are shortcuts to the complexity we find in life. They help us in arriving to conclusions quickly and to make decisions effortless but some of them limit our possibilities. Identifying those mindsets allow us to increase our chances of success.

Fixed mindset - grow mindset
Scarcity mindset - abundance mindset
Success seeking mindset - Learning mindset
(failure is bad) - (failure is good - cause I can learn from it)
There are no jobs for what I want to to in life - Let seek for the job I really want.
I won’t have success in running my own business - I need to try until I make my business work improving one thing at a time.
Success is reached - Success is constructed one step at a time.

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