Juan R Labrada

How to use FIGMA for design

The box model: Model how to you place an object

Fill color - Background, Inner Marging (Padding), Border, Outer Margin(Margin).

Size: Width, Height - The size of the bounding box

Position: X, Y, starting point 0, 0

Rotation: setting the angle in degrees.

Corner Radius: for different shapes.

Fill: can be a color, a gradient, or an image. The fill also has opacity. Fills can be stacked-have more than one fill definition.

Border: Border Shapes: Rounded, Flat, Flat open end.

Shadow: Drop shadow, has direction, opacity and blurness. Shadows can be stacked

Blur: gaussian blur(tipical use for shadows). Motion blur. background blur(used simulate glass), zoom blur(blur from inside out)

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