Juan R Labrada

What are the benefits of simple design

Benefics of Simple Design

Easy of Change Easy of Debugging Flexibility

  • policy
  • location

How to make things easy

Bring to hand by installing Become familiar by learning and trying This hurts mental capability

  • We are limited(in time and capacity) in the number of thing we can learn
  • Not going to move very far
  • Makes things near by simplifying them Simplicity Tookit
  • immutable values
  • stateless functions
  • namespaces
  • declarative data manipulation
  • rules
  • queues
  • consistency Environmental complexity that cannot be avoid
  • Shared resources : Memory : garbage colletor issues, CPU: threads complexity
  • Segmentation generate wates - something that might be used gets unused.
  • Individual policies don't compose
    • Individual good decisions together might not be a good decision at all.
  • Abstraction for Simplicity vs Abstraction as complexity hiding.
  • Order
    • intertwine one thing with the next
    • inhibits change
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